Thursday, 20 February 2014

A PhD in one sentence

As part of our Agri-Food Graduate Development Programme (AFGDP), we had a fun session about research communication.
Groups of four PhD researchers wrote a one (or two...) sentence summary of their project, and selected one to go forward to a class competition.
The prize...a box of Ferraro Rocher. The outcome ... as follows:
Offal-ly good, but would you eat it?  (winning summary)

Most of the papers I referenced I didn't read properly because we couldn't afford them.

You may never know what you eat...but if it looks good it doesn't matter.

I think there are unknown micro-organisms ... now I know there are unknown micro-organisms.

If you eat beef, you might lose your kidney.

Taking bits of foods, putting them into other foods to make superfoods.

Reduce your hypertension and avoid going to the looney bin by eating burgers.

The search for why piggy one eats less than piggy two.

Sheep eat grass and poop it out.

Antibacterial particles from packaging kill your 'good bacteria'.

To determine further the merits by which Irish dairy and beef products wear the 'green jersey'.

Enjoy meat with false teeth.

Most students turn up. Those who do, learn a lot. (Course organisers...!)


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