Thursday, 2 July 2015

Seven reasons to care about integrity in research

A recent document from Science Europe Member Organisations highlights seven key reasons why research organisations should be concerned about promoting research integrity amongst their research community.

1.       Research Integrity Safeguards the Foundations of Science and Scholarship

2.       Research Integrity Maintains Public Confidence in Researchers and Research Evidence

3.       Research Integrity Underpins Continued Public Investment in Research

4.       Research Integrity Protects the Reputation and Careers of Researchers

5.       Research Integrity Prevents Adverse Impact on Patients and the Public

6.       Research Integrity Promotes Economic Advancement

7.       Research Integrity Prevents Avoidable Waste of Resources

Science Europe. 2015. Seven reasons to care about integrity in research. Science Europe Working Group on Research Integrity – Task Group ‘Knowledge Growth’


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Link: Ten Simple Rules for Better Figures

This Open Access article by Rougier et al. is an excellent tutorial in which they "provide a basic set of rules to improve figure design and to explain some of the common pitfalls."